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This page is about investigating the imperatives of mathematics and computation in a cardinal new way by comprehending the fundamental principles of emergence, development and evolution in biology. The goal is  to develop a set of novel mathematical formalisms capable of addressing the multiple facets of an integral model and a general theory of biocomputation within an adequate frame of relevance. Its base is the realization of a long-term fundamental research programme in mathematics, biology and computation that we call Integral Biomathics.


New Call for Papers for a 2017 special issue of the Elsevier Journal Progress of Biophysics and Molecular Biology  (JPBMB) dedicated to Integral Biomathics under the title:

The Necessary Conjunction of the Western and Eastern Thought Traditions for Exploring the Nature of Mind and Life

Guest Editors: Plamen L. Simeonov, Arran Gare, Koichiro Matsuno, Amir U. Igamberdiev, Alex Hankey


Deadline for submitting abstracts:  1st October, 2016
Deadline for submitting papers:  1st May, 2017
Deadline for submitting revised papers: 1st August, 2017
Final deadline for GE’s to accept all papers: 1st October, 2017
Publication deadline:  November/December 2017


Promotional video clip for the EcoHealth project proposal submitted on 3. October 2016. by the INBIOSA community for the MacArthur Foundation call “100 & Change”.

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