« Nothing shocks me. I’m a scientist. »

― Harrison Ford (1942 – ), as Indiana Jones


The scope of my current scientific activities comprises the following disciplines:

  • Integral Biomathics
  • Interactive Multimedia Systems
  • Artificial Life & Self-organizing Dynamic Information Systems
  • Autonomic Computing & Communications
  • Neurocomputing & Cognitive System Architectures
  • Information Theory & Formal Methods
  • Quantum Information & Communication Systems

In particular, I am interested in the following research topics:

Mathematical models, methods, and algorithms inspired from physical & life sciences

  • mathematical models derived from the analysis of physical and biological processes
  • semantic methods addressing the multidimensional dynamics and the emergent properties of complex systems
  • evolutionary algorithms for monitoring and predicting environmental changes
  • preventive and rapidly self-adapting strategies for unbalanced ecosystems

Advanced distributed computing techniques for frontier research

  • engineering methods and tools for research in physical and life sciences 
  • autonomic information and communication systems
  • evolving network computing architectures, protocols, and services

Biomolecular, nano- and quantum-scale information & communication systems

  • biological and organic computing systems
  • molecular and quantum communication
  • artificial and hybrid bio-synthetic nanosystems
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