Curriculum Vitae

Plamen L. Simeonov, Ph.D.

Contact:  plamen {at} simeio {dot} org

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Research and Technology Expert

15+ years’ success in enforcing technology innovations, building outstanding performance teams

and leading strategic direction for scientific research and higher education programs

Summary: Scientist, inventor and high-end R&D management executive with 25+ years experience in the T.I.M.E.L.S. technology market scene (Telecoms/ IT/ Media/ Entertainment/ Life Science) and passion for advanced research initiatives. Current focus: AI/AR, biomathematics and biocomputation. Expertise in concept design engineering, innovation management, business development, strategic product planning, acquisition and management of international projects. Skilled in research, invention, strategic missions, tracking advanced technologies and partners, evaluation of pre-IPO companies for VC investments, exploring new areas and covering white spots with business opportunities, rapid prototyping, marketing & product push-up, alignment and evolution of existing products with emerging solutions, partner relationships, cooperation. Future research plans are outlined here.

Highlights of Expertise

★ Academic Publishing ★ Business Modelling ★ in silico Medicine
★ Artificial Intelligence ★ Complex Systems Project Management
★ BioComputing HighPer Computing Rapid Prototyping
★ BioMathematics ★ Image Understanding ★ Scientific Research


Professional Experience

Current Occupation

MolBio2Math Institute at Freie Universtät Berlin

Director Integral Biomathics (since November, 2019)

Fundraising & project acquisition, international cooperation, scholarship.

Earlier Occupation

Charité Universitätsmedizin – Berlin,1,2 Berlin, Germany.

1) Research Fellow – Institute of Pathology, Dept. Digital Pathology & IT (February 2016 to October 2019)

2) Guest Scientist – Institute of Theoretical Biology  (February 2017 – March 2018)

Institutional research, teaching, project acquisition, grant proposal wrting, international collaborations: focus –   

quantitative cancer diagnostics – recogniton and interpretation of Whole Slide Images (WSI) for Virtual Microscopy.


_JSRC, Berlin, Germany

Managing Guest Editor – Elsevier Journal Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology

(September 2014to January 2018)

Functioned as master guest editor of three biannual special issues on Integral Biomathics(2013, 2015 and 2017) by recruiting authors and reviewers, tracking the publication approval processes, restructuring content, directing illustration design, overseeing critical revision decisions, taking the full responsibility for safeguarding the paper evaluation and publication workflows. Orchestrated task assignments for authors and reviewers in a collaborative effort with chief editor and staff while pioneering self-motivated, cross-referencing projects with the authors.

  • Reviewed over 60 issue articles while partnering with leading scientists in their fields.
  • Edited the publication of 100 articles by 163 authors, published in 3 volumes of totally 1264 pages.
  • Topics covered in the special issues were: “Integral Biomathics 2017:the necessary conjunction of the western and eastern thought traditions for exploring the nature of mind and life”,“Integral biomathics: life sciences, mathematics, and phenomenological philosophy” and “Can biology create a profoundly new mathematics and computation”: (volumes). 
  • Submitted published 9 individual and co-authored contributions to the special issues, incl. 3 editorials.

Earlier Key Engagements

_JSRC, Berlin, Germany for European Commission

Project Initiator and Lead (January 2010 – June 2012)

Engaged with planning (preparation and submission), funding (negotiations with the EC)and accomplishment (networking, design and development) of the EC FP7 FET Open CSA advanced scientific community project Integral BIOmathics Support Action (INBIOSA), EC research grant #269961 with a total budget of 165.334 EUR for 12 months:

  • building and coordination of the first world-wide research community for biology-driven mathematics and computation: 89 initial members (December 2010);
  • construction and exploitation of an interactive information and research collaboration web site hosting the Advanced Online Scientific Community Service (AO-SCS):
  • program committee chair: iBioMath’2011-Am,San Jose, CA, USA, 2011; iBioMath’2011-Eu,Paris, France, 2011; ACIB’11, Stirling, Scotland, UK, 2011;
  • program committee member, Natural/Unconventional Computing and Its Philosophical Significanceat AISB/IACAP Turing World Congress, Birmingham, UK, 2012;
  • INBIOSA White Paper: Simeonov, et al., 2012. Stepping Beyond the Newtonian Paradigm in Biology.;
  • INBIOSA Book (bonus):Simeonov, P. L., Smith, L., S., Ehresmann, A. C. (Eds.), 2012. Integral Biomathics: Tracing the Road to Reality. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg. ISBN-10: 3642281109; ISBN-13: 978-3642281105. OCLC WorldCat Number: 800365119:

TU Berlin, Distributed AI Laboratory, Berlin, Germany

Director Research (July 2004 – December 2007)

Managing the planning, administration and coordination of the lab’s research activities and streamlining the individual study/research programs of postdocs, engineers and graduate students; engaging in project acquisition, marketing, IPR/innovation and event management; supervising R&D in the fields of AI in P2P mobile communications, grid/cloud computing, and next generation networks.

  • elaboration of the organisational structure, the development programs and the process workflows of 6 competence centers with over 120 associates in the fields of Core Agent Technology, Information Retrieval & Machine Learning, Next Generation Services & Networks, Safety & Security, Cognitive Architectures, Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles; 
  • development of unique methodology (workbook, guidelines and benchmarks) tracing the progress in supervising individual student research/study programs (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) linked to project participation with guaranteed industrial funding: accomplished by 40+ graduates within 3½ years with one own doctoral student, who became my patent co-author: WO/2007/014745.
  • acquisition and coordination of 9 research projects and 6 international exhibitions;
  • session chairman “Networking Protocols”, NCA’05, Boston, MA, USA, 2005.

Siemens, CTO Information and Communication Mobile, Berlin, Germany

Director Active Multimedia | Vertical Services (March 1999 – October 2001)

Responsible for planning the design of new wireless architectures and services; building strategic alliances and carrying out pilot initiatives with a research network of partner institutions worldwide; analysing new business opportunities for the vertical markets in the wireless communications domain and creation of a development plan for a product-oriented research and a go-to-market strategy through coordinated pilot initiatives with promising strategic partners targeting the development of rapid prototypes of telco architectures and services upon evaluation of the customer feedback from demonstrations at technology fairs, network fora and conferences.

Other Major Assignments

Dahlem Centre for Genome Research & Medical Systems Biology, Berlin, Germany

Associated Research Fellow(September 2015 to Present)

Engaged in research collaboration, consulting, partner and project acquisition. Prepared collaborative projects with international researchers and contributed to 4 proposals for grant calls, incl. the FutureHealth initiative and the DigiTwins EC FET flagship.

  • 2016 EcoHealth proposal submission for the first MacArthur 100&Change Call:
  • 2 proposal submissions for the VW Foundation Calls “Life? – A fresh scientific approach to the basic principles of life” and “Experiment!”

Geosciences Research Centre – Helmholtz Association, Potsdam, Germany

Senior Consultant Project Leader(September 2014 – March 2014)

Oversaw the analysis and visualization of geospatial data using imaging superposition and integration algorithms on a cloud computing platform. Adduced the launching of geospatial imaging and sensor data integration interdisciplinary ventures, strategically assembled a business consortium, and developed professional relationships during networking events. Led strategic planning, negotiated business terms and delivered technical consulting for multi-tier cloud platforms.

  • Effectively assembled and configured onsite high-performance cloud computing platform for the analysis and visualization of historical multisensory geospatial data by streamlining technical design processes and ensuring all operational activities aligned with required project specifications.
  • Organized project teams during the review and evaluated the functionally of the UNIX-based technical implementation.

Macromedia University for Media and Communications, Hamburg, Germany

Professor Interactive Media Management and Web Intelligence (April 2014 – October 2014)

  • one semesterfirst-hand agile development of teaching materials incl. application test for a weekly engagement in 20 hours of 6-10 classes ~ 120 students of 3rdand 6thsemester in “Digital Media Management”, “PR & Communications” and “Music Management” with an average grade of B+: panel “Interactive Media Design & Technology”;
  • project lead of bachelor colloquium in English “Media & Communications” for the panel “Sports and Event Management”; supervision of 12 students with an average note of A.

_JSRC, Berlin

AdvisorStrategic Technology (May 2002 – Present)

Engaged as freelance consultant in ITC & biotech technology evaluationfor industry & venture capital.

  • IPR quantitative validation: benchmarking studies and reports for 9 SME companies;
  • EU research program evaluation FP7, Horizon-2020, Information Society Technologies (IST), « Future and Emerging Technologies: Nano, Self-Assembly, Self-Organisation, Biocomputing, Molecular & Biomolecular Mechanisms and Engines »: 6 EC calls;  
  • work in progress. 

Siemens, Intelligent Networks c/o Public Information & Communication, Berlin, Germany

Sr. Product Planner (January 1996 – February 1999)

Taking over the complete responsibility for the introduction, alignment, establishment and integration of novel middleware network platforms (distributed IN Service Node and MediaWeb architecture) and multimedia applications services within the company’s portfolio of originally only centralized IN product line: planning the design of new intelligent network architectures and services: collection of product requirements; R&D communication & documentation: release packaging & technical specification; business development and sales support: quantitative market studies & competitors analysis.

  • initiator, chief architect and project lead of the first European integrated multimedia messaging telco platform(prototype, patented architecture): SmartNode, the “@INGate” projectat Siemens in cooperation with the Technology University Berlin: add-on Intelligent Network Gateway for Unified Media Communication Services; successful project completion 3 months prior to deadline (December 1997);
  • budget allocation: $10 millions for 2 years (1997-1998);
  • revenue generation: $15 mil. in FY’1999 with prognosis for $120 mil. within 3 years;
  • supervising the activities of over 90 sales and marketing professionals;
  • product line strategy definition & project management: 6 projects;
  • business opportunity evaluation: 48 with 12 own proposals;
  • software release packaging and documentation: 3 product versions;
  • marketing communication and product promotion: 8 industry fairs;
  • operational customer support: 18 operators from 6 countries;
  • training: 2 training programs and 6 customer seminars;
  • contract negotiations and maintaining relationships to over 30 OEM partners;
  • session chairman “Applications”, ICCC’97, Cannes, France, 1997;
  • 11 conference publications and 6 own inventions (out of 7 in total).

Older Assignments

1992 – 1996                    Research Assistant, TU Berlin, Research Centre for Process Control Applications, Berlin, Germany

  • R&D: specializing in Software Engineering, Quality of Service, Validation and Verification of Video Streams over TCP/IP, UDP/IP and ATM; Temporal Logic. Technical project leader of two European research projects in the areas of Software Engineering & Broadband Multimedia Telecommunications Systems
  • Engaging in preparation & acquisition of EU research projects of the EU programs ACTS, Telematics and ESPRIT-III, as well as QoS standardization activities (DIN/ETSI)

1990 – 1992                    Research Assistant, Humboldt University at Berlin, Dept. of Informatics, Berlin, Germany

R&D:  specializing in Formal Techniques, Modelling, Simulation & System Analysis

  • developing Graphic-OSDL: Compiler-Compiler from NSDL to OSDL and vice versa  (C++)

1987 – 1990                   Visiting Scientist, Academy of Sciences at Berlin,  Central Institute f and Information Processes, International  Basic Laboratory for Computer Graphics & Image Processing, Berlin, Germany

R&D:  specializing in Image Analysis & Computer Aided Design – Computer-Aided Schematics System:

  • developing Hand Drawing Image Recognition Algorithms
  • defining Network Structure Description Language (NSDL): design, implementation (C) and test

1986 – 1987                   Patent Expert Computer Science and Electronics, National Patent Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

recherché & evaluation of 21 patent proposals

Academic Studies

2001 – 2002                   Computer Science & Network Engineering, TU Ilmenau, Germany

1981 – 1986                   Information Technology / Digital Circuitry & Image Processing, TH Ilmenau, Germany

1980 – 1981                   Physics, Sofia University « St. Kliment Ochridsky »

Primary, Secondary & College Education

1975 – 1978                   National Mathematical Gymnasium, Class of Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria

1974 – 1975                   Sofia Mathematical Gymnasium, Sofia, Bulgaria

1967 – 1974                   basic school, Sofia, Bulgaria

Selected Career Achievements

  1. Initiator of the first formal synthesis between biology-driven mathematics and computation (WLIMES) for the design and implementation of virtual physician assistant agents for diagnostics and therapy in personalized medicine (2012-2017):,,

  1. Initiator and coordinator of the EcoHealthproject proposal for the MacArthur Foundation Call 100&Change (2016):
  2. Initiator and coordinator ofINtegral BIOmathics Support Actionproject (INBIOSA, EC FP7 FET Grant Nr. 269961), the first world-wide community for biology-driven mathematics and computation (2011):
  3. Initiator, chief architect and project lead of the firstActiveUMTStrial for adaptable bandwidth QoS managementin mobile video conferencing: MediaPEP, the”Odysseus-2001″ project(2001) at Siemens:

  1. Initiator, chief architect and project lead of the first worldwide MPEG-4 video streaming applicationon mobile terminals over GSM and GPRS (9.6 – 24 Kbps) at the CeBIT’2000 industry fair in Hannover, Germany: Wireless Video Gateway, the “Quadriga-2000” project(2000) at Siemens:,

  1. Initiator, chief architect and project lead of the first European integrated multimedia messaging telco platform(prototype): SmartNode, the “@INGate” project(1997) at Siemens:
  2. Seven inventions with 3 EU and 1 World patentsin the area of intelligentmultimedia telecommunications:
  3. Over 90 research papers and reports in the areas of very-large-scale integration systemdesign, computer graphics/ CAD, image processing, visual interfaces, system modelling, software engineering, formal specification and design of telecommunications architectures and services, AI/Alife, Integral Biomathics and biocomputing.
  4. Lead guest editor of a Springer book (2012) and 3 special issues on Integral Biomathics of the Elsevier Journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology(2013, 2015, 2017):,,,

  1. Program committee member, Symposium Natural/Unconventional Computing and Its Philosophical Significanceat AISB/IACAP Turing World Congress, Birmingham, UK, 2012.
  2. Initiator, organizer and program committee member: iBioMath’2011-Am,San Jose, CA, USA, 2011.
  3. Initiator, organizer and program committee member: iBioMath’2011-Eu,Paris, France, 2011.
  4. Initiator, organizer and program committee member: ACIB’11, Stirling, Scotland, UK, 2011.
  5. Session chairman “Networking Protocols”, NCA’05, Boston, MA, USA, 2005.
  6. Session chairman “Multimedia Systems and Applications”, IMSA’02, Kauai, HI, USA, 2002.
  7. Session chairman “Applications”, ICCC’97, Cannes, France, 1997.

additional information about my professional background, activities, and interests please refer to the other sections on this website.  In case you have any questions, you can call me or leave me a message using the form sheet under the menu point “Addresses > Contact”.


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