Earlier Projects

 EcoHealth: The goal pursued in this proposal is to unlock the hidden resources of complex biology and discover better ways for curing cancer by developing AN INTEGRATIVE THEORY OF HEALTH, EcoHealth, badly needed in medicine today.      
INBIOSA (INtegral BIOmathics Support Action): brings  together experienced scientists from a number of areas to investigate the imperatives of mathematics and computation in a cardinal new way by comprehending the fundamental principles of emergence, development and evolution in biology and develop novel mathematical formalisms capable of addressing the multiple facets of an integral model and a general theory of biocomputation within a long-term fundamental research programme known as Integral Biomathics. EC FP7 FET, Berlin, 2011. INBIOSA Summary IB Slides FET-F INBIOSA
AQORD (Adaptive QOS Routing Domain): development of an efficient routhing algorithm (WARAAN) for wandering ad-hoc networks; architecture and test scenarios for the implementation of the WARAAN algorithm for adaptive QoS routing, TU Ilmenau, 2002.  
Odysseus-2001: “MediaPEP (Media Performance Enhanced Proxy) – A Scaleable and Dependable ActiveUMTS QoS Management Server, an Internet Protocol Booster and an Adaptive Media Transcoder Switch Architecture for E2E-IP Integration of Mobile Wireless Interactive Telepresence Applications”; Cooperation Siemens AG, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute Berlin, TU lmenau, TU Berlin, Northeastern University Boston, USA, 2000.  
Quadriga-2000: “A Wireless Video Gateway and a Wireless Video Car and Movie Promotion Service”; CeBIT Cooperation Siemens AG, PacketVideo Inc. (San Diego, USA), Sefirot GmbH (Berlin), 1999. mpeg-icon
@INGate: “Add-On Intelligent Network Gateway for Unified Media Communication Services”, Cooperation Siemens AG, Technology University Berlin; patented Architecture, 1997.  
MOTEMES (ACTS 00236): Mobile Telecommunication for Medical Emergency Services, 1995.    
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