In a professional ambience used to bullying and defamation, is it really so bad to be just a little bit narcissistic from time to time?

Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:34-40). But sometimes we forget that this saying is a bijective function.  Aloha! 🙂


Dear Reader,

Here are a few adwords about me. I am an experienced scientist, engineer, research manager, lecturer and out-of-the-box thinker with an entrepreneurial attitude and passion for challenging initiatives that capture my interest and stimulate my creativity. A 25+ years successful track record in both academia and industry characterizes my profile as wanderer between these two worlds. I have a broad background in computer science, IT, multimedia and telecommunications, as well as in physical and life sciences. My experience in such fields as pattern recognition, image processing, artificial intelligence, formal modeling and distributed computing incl. large infrastructures could be of particular interest for roles and positions in question. During my career I have initiated, acquired and led a series of pilot projects with international participation. I am also the author of a number of research papers and 7 patents. Since 2009 I have been engaged with the project evaluation and identification of new research fields for the EC ICT programme Future and Emerging Technologies (FET).


I have initiated and coordinated the FP7 project INBIOSA (EC Grant No. 269961), which is about discovering and developing new mathematical formalisms for biology driven mathematics and computation. This was the foundation of a novel multidisciplinary research framework targeting to overcome the established Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm in science, which I coined and began developing it along with colleagues from a number of fields worldwide under the title Integral Biomathics. We have organized 2 workshops and a conference in 2011, as well as published a Springer book in 2012 and three Elsevier special journal issues in 2013, 2015 and 2017. Our vision lies in the footsteps of integrative systems science and cybernetics (Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Gregory Bateson, Michael Conrad, Robert Rosen, C. H. Waddington, Renè Thom, Brian Goodwin, Francisco Varela and many others). We have obtained the critical mass and recognition among scientists worldwide to achieve significantly more now. A solution proposal demonstrating our potential was provided to the MacArthur Foundation in 2016. Currently, I am looking for funding opportunities and donations to broaden the community and incubate projects in this forum beyond the present volunteer commitments of its members. You are very welcome to support us. Please visit the links provided at the end of this letter and feel free to contact me here.

My research interests comprise biocomputation and integrative systems biology of the new generation oriented towards Integral Biomathics. Pure conventional programming and computation are not of interest for me. I can swim well in these coastal waters, but I am keen in sailing far and diving deeper into Nature and Science. I love riding the big wave of technology, but following hypes just for the sake of publicity is not my favourite. I am permanently looking for new challenges, but definitely not those about incremental research, day-to-day business or market shares only. There must be the chance for some breakthrough achievement for humanity in the long run. Therefore, project offers for me should be original and demonstrate an innate virility for sustainable ideas. I love communicating with sages, lionhearts and absolute beginners. My inner worlds are those of poetry, music, philosophy and visual arts.

After all, I am interested in unique projects and senior technical or scientist positions such as CTO and PI, as well as teaching and lecturing assignments, but I can also work as (freelance) consultant, project lead or research manager in such fields as bioinformatics, computational biology, neuroscience and personalized medicine, as well as geography/oceanography, history/anthropology/psychology, architecture, design, film/media/TV and many more that can stimulate my inborn curiosity and passion to learn. Please visit my patents and publications pages. Perhaps you can discover something interesting for you.  An overview of my future research plans can be found here.

I am always on the mental move and conventional employers/recruiters are unable to put me inside their orthodox boxes for professionals. You must be unconventional and mature for challenges to attract my attention. I am a skilled individual, but also a good team player, coach and motivator. It is my gift to bring people together to pursue a common goal. You must be able to trust and exploit these qualities. I love the freedom to act, but also enjoy to structure, plan and coordinate my activities within a larger organization/project. You must be able to value my council, accept criticism and induce constructive changes if the situation requires (just like I do). Frankness is my virtue. I do not have time to waste in regulations, career chases (e.g. “publish or perish”) and intrigues. You must be able to foster my talents and honor my loyalty. What counts for me are the passion and the dedication of the team I would like to be part of. What I am interested in is the pure joy of work with open, supporting, brave and witty people.

Preferred location: Berlin, Germany, but it could be also everywhere in the world with an attractive offer and long-term perspective. I am definitely not a nomad person. Being mobile has its price and I include also my family and friends in the circle of beneficiaries. Working online/remotely with part-time travel (20%) is always possible. Short-term absence from home should not be a problem. Commuting on a regular base up to 70 km (autobahn/freeway) is fine for me too.

Compensation: within the usual frame adequate for persons with my experience and qualifications, depending on the offer (incl. options) and location.

Please find more details about me from the URLs: / LinkedIn. You can also contact me also here

If this letter resonates with your own agenda, I look forward to meet you on the way!


Dr. Plamen L. Simeonov

P.S. Here are some references about the Integral Biomathics initiative:

P.P.S. A 2019 retrospect of my 1999 patent application EP0957645 and 2002 Ph.D. dissertation thesis  “The Wanderng Logic Intellignce” (WLI): Concepts from my pioneer work in virtualisation and mobility inspired by the 1996 DARPA active networks program are currently freely used in the Kubernetes system, initiated by Google. “To steal a book is an elegant offence” (“qie shu bu suan tou”) – Chinese proverb (Confucius). Correct? Nevertheless, I am happy that this work belongs to many now and that my vision for migrating whole infrastructures on demand has been realised in less than 20 years… well, almost … 😉

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